Here I am supposed to be talking about "puberty". Since I just left the cancer center in St.Jonesbury after 4 hours of chemo therapy and 40 minutes of radiation, this might just be a subject to cheer me up!

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Those are traditional Austrian women in their "Dirndlkleider". Girls wear them from an early age and well until their retirement. There are costumes for work, for school, for church and for parties but today, they are mostly worn for family get together s and formal occasions but every woman has them. An expert can tell from which region the outfits come from, Viennese ladies have different colors than those from Styria etc. The same hold true for men who proudly wear their "Loden" suits and coats and they are very much visible even in offices and banks, are worn  by politicians and innkeepers. Quality hand made Loden suits can cost thousands of Euros! Some ladies outfits are in the same price range and nobody will ever been seen in a Chinese knock-off!
The beautiful skirts are especially appealing in teenage girls which brings out every feminine charm available.


A nice "going out to dinner photo with the man wearing a Loden coat and vest.

All of this wants to make me break out in a soaring rendition of "The Hills are Alive..." But the first great love of my life from when I was 14 years old was Waltrudis, the brightest star in my universe. She wore dirndls to school every day and maybe the fact that you can't see or imagine anything but hands, neck and head added to the allure. She was the only girl in my class at gymnasium and for three years we set together, like an old married couple, first desk on the left front, presumably so that teachers could keep an eye on me. We went to dancing school together, a task obligatory in a gymnasium, we biked and hiked together, in short we were  inseparable until the middle of my 17th year when Waltrudis fell in love with a college student friend of her sister's. This was my Twilight of the Gods mixed together with every sad movie I had ever seen. It was doomsday! But everyone had those I presume and very quickly came Brigitte. And then Gisela, Hedi, Anneliese and Vlasta. Those are the names I remember but I do no longer remember the chronological order of their cameo performances in my life. I had turned into a normal teenager...

Sex was another thing. Since grandmother routinely sunbathed nude of the back porch, I was very familiar with how woman looked like without clothes. I also had Frequent Flyer points at granddad's excellent collection of "French Postcards" and had read Lady Chatterley's Lover when I was twelve years old.  But it still was all the "Great Mystery". This also resolved itself in time  and thus endeth the boring epistle about the confusing years of a young boy in Austria before Porn and Internet, And I am very glad of that because sex became a valued and cherished gift, carefully practiced and that feeling never left me through my  marriages.

Tomorrow, before radiation treatment, I shall endeavor to speak about the other love interest in my life: Motorcars! You will find this more interesting...


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